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01 Self-healing Power: Utilize Own Self-Healing Power

Due to these abnormal changes in my body, I was inwardly groaning with pain


“Let the doctor pry open my rib cage, having the removal surgery is better…”, “There are successful cases, where patients are cured after surgery!” and “Ah! Will I have a cancer recurrence? Metastasis?" I had experienced all of these panicking and terrifying moments. Whichever method of treatment you choose, cancer patients are truly pitiful. In my case, although I avoided surgery I underwent many cycles of radiotherapy. I absorbed double the dose of radiation given to others. The sequelae were radiation-induced ulcers. I also had several cases of esophageal spasm.


I have two wonderful doctors. In Japan, my doctor is Dr. Obitsu Ryoichi from Obitsusankei Hospital. In China, my doctor is Dr. ZhenGuo Wang, the inventor of the anticancer compound Chinese medicine, TXL.


In the summer time, two months after I left the hospital, I had strange symptoms...

After a shower, my wife suddenly said to me, “Look! What happen to your back? How come your skin has a brown belt-shaped mark?” It was a radiation-induced sequela. The radiation penetrated through my esophagus, muscles and spine to my skin and so it left a 30 cm long irradiated belt-shaped mark on my back. By now, I could not go back the University Hospital begging them for help. After considering many ideas, I was determined to “make another miracle”. I decided to ask Dr. ZhenGuo Wang, the inventor of the anticancer compound Chinese medicine TXL, to see me.


Dr. Wang's hospital is far in the northeast of China (old Manchuria). It is located in the foothills around the North Korean border and the sacred Changbai Mountain in China. Do not overlook the self-survival power of patients. No! Incredibly, they should have unimaginable perseverance. In retrospect, I felt shocked. I asked my friend, who lived in Beijing and was working in the investment field, to check out Dr. Wang’s hospital. I also asked him to make a special outpatient clinic appointment in China for me.

 (Dr. ZhenGuo Wang -the inventor of Tian Xian Liquid)


The Key to Anticancer Power and the Prolongation of Life is Self-healing Power

“The most important thing after cancer patients are discharged from hospital is to practice a regimen in order to enhance their own naturopathic self-healing power and self-immunity power. TXL is my research, effected through many years. It has integrated more than 30 kinds of natural herbs from Changbai Mountain, such as cordyceps and Korean ginseng. The Chinese government has approved it as an anticancer compound Chinese medicine. Furthermore, TXL has very good effects on radiation-induced sequelae, when used as TianXian therapy, which means a high dose intake.” We had just met, but Dr. Wang was so welcoming and told me about the importance of self-healing power. He also used his hands to do a touch-examination on me. While there, I also enjoyed some organic cuisine made with freshly picked ingredients such as pumpkins, carrots and corn from the garden attached to the Institute in the foothills of Changbai Mountain. Dr. Wang taught me a lot about herbs and herbal regimens. It was such gracious hospitality, and I was so happy.


 (Chang Bai Mountain)


In the University Hospital, I underwent the torture caused by chemical medicine. In Japan, the fear came from a series of examinations and the struggle over receiving surgery. “Please let me go!” This was my thought as I fled from the cancer ward. My meeting with Dr. Wang was my first experience where I felt there was, in the world, an enthusiastic doctor who was willing to talk with me! Speaking about my struggles and anticancer history, I thought that just from this seeking-treatment-in-China experience, I could write a story called “Trekking a Thousand Miles For an Elixir”. I met Dr. Wang and he gave me a personal explanation and guidance. He enforced my own concept: “The key to anticancer power and the prolongation of life is self-healing power."


"Cancer is fate; Cure is the destiny" ── Using “self-healing power” to catch luck.

I thought that the RALS treatment I had received in the University Hospital was helpful for my cancer condition. This kind of treatment damages cancer cells; meanwhile, it will seriously damage normal cells as well. To solve the disturbance caused by sequelae, we need to have a kind of power to restore our health to normal. I believe that Chinese herbal medicine contains that power. For "the eradication of my esophageal cancer”, can the radiation take credit for it? Or was it the effect of Chinese herbal medicine? It has already become a discussion topic for physicians coming from around the world, but I believe that it is the integrative power and the fusing of both Chinese and Western medicine to “destroy my tumor” and “prolong my life for 10 more years”.


After I had this experience, I was suddenly engendered with a new spiritual power. It was like the bright power of sun. It felt like this vitality was power, soaring, and it let each cell gain energy. I was sure I could live on. “Don’t think that it is fate to get cancer, so you give up easily. Use self-healing power to rouse people. No, it should be said, to catch luck.” I use my own real experience as an example; use the resonance that was generated by the power of the Chinese herbal medicine I took these past ten years to prove that cancer can be cured.


I repeatedly emphasize not to completely hand over your “self-healing power”, randomly, to others. The key to religious salvation has “Self (自力)” and “His power (他力)”. Perhaps the manifestation is a bit different, but the shortcut to prolonging life with cancer relies on how you utilize your own inherent, naturopathic, self-healing power. 


The demonstrated wisdom of Chinese herbal medicines is telling us the importance of "self-healing power"

We have long been accustomed to poor quality, fast and convenient service whenever we go to see a doctor, have dinner, shop and access information; as well as with health and beauty. Even our irreplaceable lives, we are accustomed to handing them to others unconsciously. Furthermore, do not have the concept of “Money talks and money is omnipotent”. Someone will say, “Everyone knows that…” But when people are desperate and there is nowhere to go, “Are any doctors sent by God?” “I can only rely on you!” “Give me an anticancer elixir" ... they will only ask others for help.



From “his healing power” to “self-healing power”, you need to co-operate with your family and your chosen physicians to cleverly design a suitable treatment method and a plan for your future life. I believe that this is the starting point for cancer patients to master “health and longevity”.


Sekine Susumu

Chairman of SlowHealth Research Association

Chief Editor of Life Guide Book

Professor Emeritus of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China


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