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How to join TXL 180 Program

How to join TXL 180 Program

Part 1:Register as a TXL Member
Part 2:Insert TXL QR Code via Code Scanner/ Key In Manually 
Part 3:Redemption



Part 1:Register as a TXL Member       

Step 1) Sign Up

  • Click “Register” .


Step 2) Submit Your Personal Information

  • Fill up your personal information and click the “Submit ” as below.


Step 3) Account Activation

  • When the registration is successful, it will pop out of the message box: "Code is Created Successfully!"
  • A text message will be sent to you via SMS. Please click the linkage appears in the text field.
  • Refer to the code sent via your phone number.
  • The system generates the code automatically and just click "Submit".



Step 4) Activation Completed

  • You were see the message: " Congratulations, your account is now Activated!" .


Step 5) Check Email

  • At the same time, you will also be receiving a confirmation Email with a linked address sent by the system.
  • You can then click the linkage for the TXL 180 Program homepage (please activate the account via SMS).


Part 2:Insert TXL QR Code via Code Scanner/ Key In Manually        

Step 6) Sign In

  • Once you have successfully activated the account, kindly sign in using your email and password.



Step 7) Insert TXL QR Code (via Code Scanner or Key in Manually)

  • For Code Scanner: Kindly open the scanner app (For Example, WeChat and QR Code Reader).
  • Focus your camera to a QR Code and scan. 


  • For Key In Manually: Click "INSERT NEW ITEM CODE" button which shown the personal account.
  • Then key in the TXL180 QR Code in the blank field, and finally click "Submit" to complete.




Step 8) Purchase Recorded

  • Submission successful. The page will then return to the personal account and your latest purchase history will be displayed.


Part 3:Redemption          

Step 9) Purchase 8 boxes TXL

  • After successfully submitting 8 TXL QR Codes, a Redemption Code will be sent to you via SMS (make sure that your phone number is correct).
  • Visit the nearest TXL distributor and show your Redemption Code. 
  • Upon Redemption Code comfirmation by TXL distributor, you will be entitled to 1 + 1 boxes TXL.


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