Tuesday, 30 January 2018

12 Food Origin Power: Dietary Life-Chain

The first rule of protecting yourself is to “improve your diet.


Never Eat Food Containing “Toxins”

If you want to be free from modern diseases such as cancer, the first rule of protecting yourself is to “improve your diet”. In fact, the current Japanese diet tends towards Western dishes, and people are eating too much high-fat and high-protein food. In addition, people are harmed by chemicals from pesticides and artificial additives which cause constitutional changes in the body, and make us susceptible to cancer.


“From pseudo-eating to staple-eating!”… For our group of sick patients, which is the “SlowHeath Research Association”, we follow three “life principles” to protect ourselves:

(1) Build a flexible dietary intelligence network
(2) Build a flexible dietary life-chain
(3) Build a flexible dietary information connection


About (1), because the Internet is so well-developed and commonly used, it is very simple to obtain information on TCM, medicinal diets, macrobiotic meals, natural food and restaurants providing natural healthy cuisine. About (3), through the connections made in patient groups, member magazines and elsewhere, pass on dietary information to other patients; or pass on information to patients' families or children.


As for (2), it is the dietary life-chain that you build which coordinates your own symptoms and dietary life. In other words, even if there are many theories, organic growers and patients who are creating macrobiotic meals need to connect together, no matter what, to build the “life-chain”. Otherwise, we are unable to achieve the goal of dietary balance and a healthy body.


Everyone says that “we cannot eat suspicious foods” but when we look around, all foods contain either pesticides or toxins of artificial colours and preservatives…and so on. People might think I am too worried and I am over reacting. But for patients such as I, who have been looking for pesticide-free brown rice and organic vegetables, we always have the impression that we have been swimming in a flood of “toxic” food.


As for me, I will build up good friendships with the natural food stores near me. I am also familiar with some owners of natural health food restaurants. In addition, I will ask my wife’s family and relatives for help, to send over some pesticide-free food or organic ingredients for my macrobiotic diet. I utilize a variety of ways to expand my personal network in order to build up my life-chain.


Take me as an example, I often receive log planted mushrooms, pesticide-free onions, white radishes, carrots, konjac, Japanese umeboshi (pickled ume) and more, sent by my cousins in Wakayama. They are extraordinarily tasty. Furthermore, my wife’s family in Gunma Prefecture sends me loquat leaves and apples. Friends have given me a yam longer than one metre. Also, my beloved predecessor, the publishing critic, Mr. Shiozawa Jitsushin (Chinese 盐泽实信) sends me some umeboshi with nostalgic delight from his hometown of Iida City, Nagano Prefecture. And partners in the SlowHeath Research Association, such as Ms. Harada Kiyomi, (Chinese 原田清美) lives in Toyama and sends me persimmons, while Ms. Hirano Hideko from Ehime Prefecture sends me a lot of tangerines.


Whether you are helping people or receiving help from others── The dietary life-chain is in fact a spiritual life-chain. Using this mutual connection to each other to link up with organic power is to change our living environment. This will be increasingly important in the future.


Sekine Susumu

Chairman of SlowHealth Research Association

Chief Editor of Life Guide Book

Professor Emeritus of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, China


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