What are the body reactions showing that TXL has become active in the body?

After 3 to 5 days of application, some body reactions such as pain. sore, and fatigue will occur based on the focus and the extent of the diseases. These are improvement body reactions, which will go away when patients get used to the medicines after continuous application.

It is impossible to conduct ant treatment for patients with liver failure or severe jaundice complemented by the TXL?

It is necessary to let the patients and their relatives to understand there are too much uncertainties in this stage before continuing. The most important concern is safety. TXL at this moment is mainly used to activate functions of the liver cells and start enzyme activities. It may still exercise immunity adjustment to patients with fulminate hepatitis or liver cancers. For the sake of safety concern, it should be taken in small amounts but at a high frequency for observing patients' reactions. It is recommended to start from 10 cc/day and gradually increases to 40-60 cc/day. TXL is suitable for those patients with liver cirrhosis; STXL can be suitable for those without severe cirrhosis or fulminate hepatitis.

At what liver function index should I stop using the TXL?

TXL may activate liver cells and a variety of enzymes that support liver cells detoxifiaction. By the diagnosis criteria of traditional Chinese medicine, application should only cease if there is bleeding. If examined by criteria of Western medicine, then application should be discontinued if both the GOT and GPT index are over normal values 10 times (80-400 u/l)  

How to take TXL when patients need the assistance of gavage?

Inject Tian Xian Liquid first and 15cc of water using syringe into gavage to make sure Tian Xian Liquid flow into stomach.