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E18 (Extract 18) Introduction

With repeated tests conducted by different teams and numerous clinical trials over the years,

E18 (Extract 18) Introduction


The main ingredient in E18 is Polygonatum sibiricum or King Solomon’s Seal. Since ancient times, the Chinese have been taking Polygonatum for 2000 years. It is a southern treasure that is as precious as Changbai ginseng in the north. Polygonatum, Ginseng, Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) and Fushen (Poria cocos) are known as the 4 greatest herbs in China. In his book entitled the Compendium Materia Medica, the famous Chinese physician Li Shizhen praised Polygonatum as the essence of earth and the king of tonics. It is also highly praised by emperors, high-ranking mandarins and generals as well as learned scholars. The accomplished poet Du Fu, in his poem ‘Zhang Ren Shan’, praised Polygonatum for its ability to darken hair and resist aging. It represents the staple food for ascetics and people with supernatural power. In the East Jin period, a well-known immortality-pursuing Taoist master by the name of Ge Hong (283 – 343), wrote this in his book ‘The Legend of Immortals’----‘Yin Gui took a lot of Polygonatum while he was practicing Taoism. When he was a few hundred years old, he moved to Mount Taihe. During the Tang Dynasty, the Silla (Korea) prince Kim Kyo Ge (696- 794) retreated to Mount Jiuhua for 75 years, and survived on Polygonatum till 99 years old. An excellent testimonial is the physical body of a monk enshrined in Mount Jiuhua. The monk Daxing (1894-1984), who was famous for curing diseases with qigong during his lifetime, amidst a great famine, relied on wild Polygonatum as his staple food.         


The long history of Polygonatum serves as ample proof of its effectiveness and safety profile. Since it is quite mild, it gives the unique characteristic of nourishing the without causing any ‘heatiness’.

Modern medicine has discovered that Polygonatum is rich in mucilage, starch and sugar. It contains azetidine carboxylic acid, aspartic acid, homoserine, digitalis glycosides and body a variety of anthraquinone compounds, enabling it to exert an assortment of beneficial actions such as immune-enhancement, antiaging, anti-hypoxic, anti-fatigue, metabolic enhancement, hypoglycemic, heart-strengthening as well as inhibition of various bacteria and fungi. It is especially effective in treating dizziness, backache and sore knees, premature silver hair and fatigue arising from weak kidney function. In particular, the polysaccharides in Polygonatum can activate and enhance immune and macrophage functions, increase lymphokine production, promote hematopoietic function, suppress cough and effective in treating leukopenia. 


With Polygonatum as the main ingredient, E18 formulated together with various quality herbal materials, from which natural active ingredients are specially extracted. It is used to fortify the body, soften blood vessels, promote metabolism, relieve pressure and promote sleep, counteract allergies and boost immunity, give antiaging and anticancer actions as well as prevent relapses. With repeated tests conducted by different teams and numerous clinical trials over the years, E18 has been proven to be safe to normal body cells and mice after consumption, and to exert the following effects: 

1. Broad spectrum anticancer effects through elimination of more than 22 types of cancer cells in the body.

2. Prevention of cancer and relapse through elimination of cancer stem cells, which is the main cause of cancer relapses.

3. Elimination of drug-resistant lung and pancreatic cancer cells, which have resisted the efforts of pharmaceutical firms around the world.

4. In combination with Tagrisso, a new target-specific drug, its effect in eliminating drug-resistant lung and pancreatic cancer cells is multiplied.

5. Inhibition on cancer cells’ genetic expression that paralyzes immune T-cells in the body, and fortification of human immunity cells.  

6. Improvement on respiratory functions, effective against coughing, shortness of breath and allergic rhinitis.

7. Improvement on digestive functions, effective against abdominal bloating, poor appetite, constipation and diarrhea.

8. Improvement on autonomic nervous functions, effective against insomnia, depression, anxiety and palpitation.

9. Improvement on arteriosclerosis, effective against cerebral cardiovascular sclerosis as well as hypertension.


Direction of use: refrigerated when the room temperature exceeds 25 degrees or after opening. For health maintenance, consume 20ml once a day. For severe illness, consume 30 minutes before every meal, for a maximum volume of 60 – 90ml a day. For children below 12 years old, halve the dosage.


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