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First of all, you need to open an account…


1. Register an Account 注册帐号

A. When you have logged in to the homepage, click - “New Customer? Register Here!” to register
A. 当您登录到首页后,请点击 “New Customer? Register Here!” 
B. Next, fill in the form with your personal data
Remember, emails and phone numbers must be filled in correctly for future login and messages.
Please fill in the mobile phone number of your referrer in the ““Referrer mobile number”” box. If there is no referrer, just leave it blank.
Read and agree to the terms and conditions, and then press “Submit”.
B. 接下来,将您的个人资料填入表格内
在 “Referrer mobile number”格子内请填入您的介绍人手机号,若无,保留空白即可。
阅读并同意条款与条件后,单击 “Submit” 提交表格。
C. After submitted, you will receive a SMS from us. Click on the activation link in the message
It may take about 2-5 minutes to receive the SMS. If you did not receive, please call our customer service 03-91722980 for help.  (Dont put number - put a phone icon)
C. 完成注册后,您会收到一个短信,请点击里边的链接启动帐号。
短信可能需要 2 - 5 分钟后才收到。若没有收到,请联系客服中心 03-91722980 帮助。
D. You will be directed to this page, press submit and your registration is completed.
D. 接下来,您会进入此页面,只需点击 “submit”,您便完成注册了。
E. Go back to the Homepage and Enter your email address and password to login 
E. 再次回到首页,并填入您的电邮与密码登入系统

2. How to Earn Points? 如何获取分数?

Next, we will tell you various ways to obtain Seeds points!
A. Scanning method of QR code point
1. You may use any QR code scanning APP or WeChat to scan.
2. Please note that if your APP scan browser has not logged in to account before, you will not be able to scan the QR code point. Please scan the QR code, log in to your account and scan one more time.
3. You can now enter the page and fill in the code. If there is already a code in the grid, just click ‘Submit’ to get the point.
4. Another manual way to get the point is to click ‘Insert New Item Code’ at the top of the account. After entering the page to fill in the code, key in the code manually and click ‘Submit’.
A. 扫描二维码分数的方法
1. 您可使用任何二维码扫描的APP,或使用微信扫描功能
2. 请注意,若您的扫描APP游览器还未登入vSeeds.community帐号前,是无法扫描获取分数的。请扫描二维码,先登入帐号后,再扫描一次
3. 您便会进入填写代码的页面,若格子内已有代码,点击”Submit”即可获取分数了。
4. 另外一种手动积分方式,是点击帐号上方的 “Insert New Item Code”,进入填写代码的页面后,自行将代码填入格子内,点击”Submit”即可。
B. Point accumulation with product purchases
For products that offer Seeds points, there will be a QR point inside or outside the box. Just scan the QR code to get the points.
B. 可以累积分数的产品,箱子内或外,会附上二维码分数,扫描后即可累积种子分数。
C. Point accumulation through various offers
In addition, vSeeds will launch a variety of offer items with points from time to time. The method of point accumulation depends on individual offer. Just follow closely the community to look for offer notices! 
C. 各种优惠累积分数

3. Redeem 兑换

A. Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you will be able to see your existing ‘Points Balance’ on the home control panel. After redemption, the ‘available points’ will dwindle.
A. 当您累积到一定的分数后,在主页控制板上,可以查看自己目前有多少“可用分数”(Points Balance)。兑换(Redeem)后,“可用分数”将会减少。 
B. ‘Experience points’ are the total points that have been accumulated since the account was opened, and are used for rank promotion. There are 12 ranks in total. The higher the rank, the more benefits you get!
B. 而“经验分数”(Experience points) 是从开启账户开始不断累积至今的总分数,用于提升等级。总共有12层用户等级,等级越高,获得的优惠越多! 
C. Click ‘Redemption Mall’ on the menu to browse items redeemable with Seeds points.
C. 点击菜单上的 “Redemption Mall”,就可以游览可以用种子分数兑换的项目。
D. You can select different options to view different categories of redeemable items.
D. 您可以选择类别,查看项目分类。
E. You can check on the redemption point of individual redeemable items and better understand their contents.
E. 您可以查看项目所需要的“兑换分数” (Redemption pt),了解项目内容。
F. Once you have decided on the redeemable item, click ‘Redeem’.
F. 决定了要兑换的项目后,点击“Redeem”
G. Enter the ‘Check out’ webpage, fill in the data and click ‘Proceed’.
G. 进入Check Out 的页面,填写资料后,点击“Proceed”. 
H. You will receive an SMS that gives you a Redemption Code.
H. 您将会收到一个短信,短信上会显示您的“兑换密码”
I. You can go to the relevant establishment, display your Redemption Code to redeem the item. For some of the redeemable items, you can contact the relevant establishments directly to get the items via courier service.
I. 您可以到相关的单位,出示”兑换密码“以换取您的项目。部分项目可以直接联系相关单位,直接邮寄到您的地址。

4. How Points Work?   分数如何运作?

Finally, you can click on ‘How Points Work’ on the menu to view the redemption table for redemption points of redeemable items.
You can also go to the control panel on the homepage to view your past points, redemption records, and referral records.
Last but not least, you are reminded to read the terms and conditions very carefully.
The V-Seeds community promises to add more items and activities continually, and hopes that you will invite more people to view this video. Remember to follow the
latest updates of the community. Bye!