Pancreatic Cancer

Taking TXL for 6 months before surgery, 14-hour major operation for pancreatic cancer completed smoothly

My family just put me on TXL and a few high-quality health supplements.

Mr. YK Chang Malaysia

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2018. At first, the doctor was puzzled as to the type and stage of the cancer because of my highly complicated conditions.

In July 2018, my family discovered TXL in a seminar entitled ‘Integrated Cancer Prevention & Treatment’. A lot of friends recommended all sorts of anti-cancer products to me, but after reading the product information, we found that only TXL came with a full cancer research and experiment report. Extremely confident in TXL, I decided to take it to ease my conditions.

I began taking TXL in July 2018, and went back to the hospital for regular check-up. The doctor suggested surgery in January 2019, but warned me that the operation could be complex because of the unique properties of pancreatic cancer.  The operation took 14 hours to complete, and a 10cm tumor plus a number of smaller ones around it were removed. The doctor told me the operation was very successful. A clean sweep of the tumors had made chemotherapy totally unnecessary. I was discharged a week later. Subsequently, I went to another hospital for a second opinion. The doctor, after reading my previous report, confirmed that the highly successful operation had ruled out chemotherapy. Thus my family just put me on TXL and a few high-quality health supplements.

Then in June 2020, we came across Extract 18 or E18. Hence I switched to E18.  At the moment, everything remains good for me. I sincerely hope TXL and E18 can help more people.



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