Kidney Cancer , Metastasis to the lung

Good Health Regained with Right Method & Optimism

For me, cancer has been a great challenge to my life...

Good Health Regained with Right Method & Optimism
Lim Swee Kong Malaysia

 ‘I think these 7 years have been worth it. For me, cancer has been a great challenge to my life, which includes the question of to be or not to be, and how should I carry on with my life. It is a process of staring at life and death in the face. To do that, one must look at life and death openly and take the issue in good stride.’—Lim Swee Kong  

I had kidney cancer in April 2013. There was a 12cm malignant tumour in my right kidney, so the doctor removed the kidney surgically. It was a clean and precise surgery, and no metastasis was detected. The doctor told me that chemotherapy was unnecessary, and asked me to go back for check-up every 6 months. Unaware that I should adhere to a proper lifestyle, I went back to my old ways in life. Two years later, in August 2015, the doctor told me that the kidney cancer had relapsed, and had metastasized to terminal lung cancer. I had only 3 months to live.

As fate would have it, I met Mr. Tan, a cancer warrior who introduced to me TXL and a herb that he himself was taking. TXL, with over 20 years of history, boosted my confidence, so I decided to take it against the initial objection of my doctor because it is a herbal preparation.


Cancer Cells Disappeared

Towards the end of August 2015, I began taking the scientifically proven TXL 3 bottles a day. I adjusted my diet accordingly and exercised.  In order to reassure myself and my family members, I went back to the hospital for a PET scan on the 45th day. The doctor told me that the tumour had shrunk in half. Curious, he asked me what I had been taking, but I did not tell him much. He encouraged me to continue with my own method.  

Three months later the tumour was found to shrink in half again, i.e. it had shrunk 75% in four and a half months. Eight months later, on April 20th 2016, the check-up result showed that the cancer cells in my lung had completely disappeared. Since then, 5 years has gone by.


Optimism makes things simple

I must say that the 8-and-a-half-month process was very long and difficult for me. I had to do a lot of things to regain good health, including readjusting my body, mind and spirit.


First, I was financially independent and able to make a free choice. Once I found the right therapy, I did it without any second thought. I took 3 bottles of TXL a day, together with a herbal preparation. I did not think too much or waste any time searching for other choices, which took away quite a big chunk of worry and stress. It is very important to be able to decide on what to do with one’s life.  

Second, I changed my diet. I ate less meat and more vegetables. I stuck to a healthy diet and abstained from unsuitable foods. 

Third, I insisted on exercise. I insisted on daily exercise by jogging in a place with good clean air.

Fourth, which was the most important thing of all, I embraced optimism and kept up the good mood. This is probably the hardest part for cancer patients. Personality affects the mood. I was born an optimist, and I can let it go easily.  

It is very difficult for a cancer patient to get over it with bigotry. If he insists on his bigotry, would not change even though he knows he should, or would not accept, believe or carry out other people’s advice, then nobody can help him.


Good Life Quality Makes Me Persevere

I was able to go through the long, difficult 7 years because I have been keeping both my body and spirit in a good condition.  I can eat, move and live normally, busy watching my 9 grandchildren grow up, and going overseas for holidays occasionally. I will continue to live happily. It is my goal and the greatest joy in life to lead a happy wife with my wife, children and grandchildren.  


If you asked me my opinion about cancer now, my answer would be—though we are all helpless against it, we must still take it in good stride and carry on with strength and courage.


Words of Encouragement to Cancer Patients 

I think ordinary consolation to cancer patients does not help much. It is more important to offer direct, appropriate advice, just like what Mr. Tan did to me the last time. I believed it and adopted the right method, which had helped me regain good health fairly soon.

I would like to tell cancer patients that if you have cancer, do not give up easily. Life is too precious and there are always ways to help yourselves.

You must go through a lot of changes in the process of recovery, however difficult they may be. If you do not change, you will not stand a chance. If you do, you will get the chance to recover.


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