Tuberculosis, Asthma, Mild COVID-19 Infection

Experience the Self-Healing Journey for COVID-19

If it’s kept mild, self-healing will take place. Rapid Recovery from Mild COVID-19 Infection!

Experience the Self-Healing Journey for COVID-19
Lu Hai Yan Malaysia


Yes, I rarely went out during the epidemic, and after two doses of vaccine, I was still tested positive. I underwent a 10-day home quarantine from August 31 to September 9, 2021. I went through the real deal through personal experience, and I am grateful. I just want to say that I am very lucky indeed to be able to experience it with ease and share it with complete peace of mind. With the help of TXL and EX18, I recovered quickly, did not infect others, kept myself in good spirit, and worked all day in the isolation room as usual every day.

Dr. Sun Lingxian’s timely advice:“The immune system will make neutralizing antibodies against the virus. You can heal yourself by keeping it mild. ” Truly a case of moving mountains with minimum efforts. I was pacified, and that was exactly my idea and way of facing COVID-19.

Because I have a good method (high-quality Chinese medicines TXL and E18), I have no fear at all from the discovery of the first symptom (sore throat) to the entire process of inspection, diagnosis and isolation. I was very certain that it was just another recovery trip that I had to go through.

The most important thing is to control the sore throat and coughing in time, and prevent the onset of severe wheezing and breathing difficulty. I start taking large doses of E18 and TXL immediately. On the third day, the sore throat disappeared, and there was no more coughing. The 10-day home isolation method for me ran like this:

August 28-30, 2021: 60ml of E18 in the morning and evening. One bottle of TXL.

Sore throat and headache started on August 28. On the 29th, the throat was inflamed and I had a slight cough. My chest and back felt cold, so I wore a thick coat. My head was stuffy and painful, and my body was weak. No coughing and a little sore throat on 30th. Afraid of cold. My head hurt slightly. Bones all over the body were slightly painful and tired. In the evening, the body temperature was 37 degrees. My appetite was fine.

August 31: body ache and headache. Body temperature was 36.4 degrees. Started to have a runny nose. The sense of smell disappeared. Slightly poor appetite. Did PCR check to confirm the diagnosis. Took 1 bottle of TXL (20ml) in the morning and evening, and 60ml each of E18 twice.

September 1: took 60ml of E18. One bottle of TXL in the morning and evening.

September 2: one bottle of TXL in the morning and evening. Recovery of mental and physical strength. After taking a shower, washing my hair and doing the laundry, I found that my breath and physical strength had returned to normal, and I did not have any weakness, night sweats, breathlessness as expected. I could move freely. The running nose was almost gone. (I had TB nine years ago, and after that, every time I took a bath, washed my hair or the laundry, I would experience exhaustion, night sweats, tiredness and breathlessness).

September 3-10: two bottles of TXL every day. On the 5th, the sense of taste was back, and my appetite was very good. On the 9th, I could smell TXL again. I was so happy that my sense of smell had come back.

On the evening of September 9, I saw Dr. Sun’s message to E18 partners: “Latest good news from the experimental team. E18 is more effective against COVID-19 than New Corona No. 1, green tea catechins, angiosic acid etc. This also explains why Hai Yan is recovering so quickly. Congratulations Hai Yan!"

September 10: completed 10 days of home quarantine. Because of the long-term uncomfortable symptoms of COVID-19, I continued taking E18 and TXL, 20ml each day, to nurse the body.


Tuberculosis Contracted 9 Years Ago has Helped Me a Lot

I suffered from tuberculosis and asthma in 2012. At that time, I had no knowledge of pneumonia at all. When I was diagnosed, my condition was already very serious, and I had breathing difficulty. I was admitted to the hospital for oxygen therapy. In the next 5 or 6 years, the attack continued to occur repeatedly. After intermittent treatment with the Chinese medicines TXL and E18, it finally stabilized in the last 3 years. This time round, the COVID-19 infection acted like a "relapse". My know-how in dealing with physical and psychological stress, the necessary action needed to help myself and my family helped put me at complete ease, so that I could brave the infection without fear.


Thank you, fate

My deepest appreciation goes to Mr. Chong, the managing director of Tombo Enterprise, for his timely attention and support, for giving me the opportunity to take TXL and E18 to effectively attenuate the infection, reduce infectivity, quickly recover, and pre-empt any damages from pneumonia. Thank you senior bosses of TXL and E18 bosses, who are far away in Taipei, for their concern and encouragement. Thanks to Dr. Sun Lingxian for his timely professional advice and confidence, so that I could overcome the infection and recover with peace of mind.

I would like to thank my children for their caring nursing during my quarantine and arranging PCR tests in time. They had to quarantine themselves at home and refrain from going out. During my 10-day isolation, my brother and sister delivered food and water to the door of the room, disinfected every corner of the space with sprays every day, and arranged nutritious food for me. I was sorry to get my children worried, but I could also see the young people’s love and care. Last but not least, I am thankful to be able to walk through COVID-19 infection with complete peace of mind. (E18 short story/2021.09.10)


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