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The resident physical found it different from before...

Cai Junhui Taiwan


Since I had been driving long distance from Jiayi to Taipei for quite some time, I had to rely on cigarettes and betel nuts to refresh myself. I smoke at least one pack of cigarettes and two packets of betel nuts per day. I still maintain the habit even when I am not driving. As an old saying puts it, “If you often walk at night, you will meet the ghost one day. “ It does not mean that I have really met the ghost while driving, but simply that my bad habits such as the cigarettes and the betel nuts, led me to the monster of tongue cancer.


In 1997, I started to feel alternate numbness and pain on my tongue. Consequently, I chewed more betel nuts to make me comfortable. One morning, however, as I was brushing my teeth, I opened my mouth in front of the mirror and only then noticed that my tongue looked different from before. A large part of it was red and black and festering. My heartbeat quickened. I told my wife about it and opened my mouth to let her see for herself. She was greatly shocked and suggested that I take a leave for a medical check-up.


She asked her sister to take care of our two children and accompanied me to a big hospital in Taipei. Even without much checking, the doctor told me what my affliction was. The purpose of the examination was just to confirm it.


The next day, the doctor came with a group of young student doctors while making his rounds of the wars. He asked me to open my mouth, pointed out my tongue to them and let them express their opinions. Finally, he told me that my tongue had to be cut off. Then, he simply walked away with the group of young doctors to visit the other wards. My wife looked at me with tears flowing down her face, while before my mind, flashed scenes of myself trying to express my thoughts through hand signals.


My wife used to quarrel with me many times because of my cigarette smoking and betel nut chewing. Now, she kept her thoughts to herself. As for me, I thought that I had sought the trouble myself, yet felt that it came too early. I was only 42 years old. Cancer only attacks those above 60. Why did it strike me so early?


Anyway, I had to face reality. I calmed down and told my wife there must be some other treatments other than having my tongue cut. We could ask friends and relative for relevant information. Eventually, as I stayed home waiting for my operation, my sister-in-law brought me a document about Tian Xian Liquid. I had seen the product in magazine before but did not trust it because I was born in Taiwan and Tian Xian Liquid must come from mainland China. It was reported that many traditional Chinese medicines contain poisonous heavy metal and could not be trusted. I simply put the information aside.


Considering the option that the doctor gave us, however, anything looked more attractive. So my wife took out the document on Tian Xian Liquid and read it carefully. She was convinced it would be helpful and urged me to give it a try. Otherwise, there was only one other option and that was to have my tongue cut off. I agreed to buy Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian suppository, which can squeezed through the anal opening. I thought I’d better the instructions right since the medicine was very expensive.


Ten days after I took the medicine, the doctor called for me to go to the hospital for preparation for the operation three days later. When the resident physical examined my tongue again, he found it different from before. The tongue was now smooth and only a small part was festering. The doctor said that the operation still needed to be performed but only a small portion will be removed. He explained that it will not affect my eating nor my speech. He also asked if I took any traditional Chinese medicine the past few days. I answered directly that I drank Tian Xian Liquid. He smiled and said that he had heard of it and then patted me on the shoulder.


As I was pushed out of the operating room, the doctor told my wife that the bad part was cut off and it was not big. Care must now be taken and smoking and betel nut chewing absolutely forbidden. It is up to me now to decide whether I would continue drinking Tian Xian Liquid. After leaving the hospital, I read the introduction about Tian Xian Liquid and drank it strictly under instructions. I went to the hospital for regular check-up every three months and later, every six months. I continue to drink Tian Xian Liquid until now. I do not use the Tian Xian suppository any more, though.


Of course, I do not dare smoke or chew betel nuts! I also tell the other drivers of the company not to emulate me. Anyway, I am filled with gratitude for I can again live a normal life.


Thanks to Tian Xian Liquid, I got to keep my tongue. I’d like to advise other cancer patients to choose a traditional Chinese medicine to complement the western medicine and achieve better effect. Side effects of western medicine could also be mitigated in this manner.


In fact, I know cancer is likely to attack again, but the chance will be less if I continue to drink Tian Xian Liquid. I have made up my mind to be with my wife and children for as long as I can and I won’t deprive my family of my love and services so early. I will value every day of my life, as I value every drop of Tian Xian Liquid.

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