Laryngopharyns Cancer

Try Various Ways And Strengthen Confidence

Now, neither CT scan nor MRI examination can show anything wrong. 

Mr. Nakahara Igeraki Japan


It has been over one year now since I started taking Tian Xian Liquid. In March 1999, the doctor declared that I had laryngopharyns cancer so my wife searched for book about cancer in the hope of finding a cure. I was attracted to the book “Fighting against Cancer”. I began to take eight bottles of Tian Xian Liquid and nine Tian Xian pills before I finished reading the book.


The laryngopharyns cancer was at the entrance of the esophagus about 1 cm wide and 2.5 cm long. It was planned that I will have surgery after the tumor was reduced by radiation treatment.


While waiting for radiation treatment, however, I discussed with my family what life would be like after the operation and the quality of life I may hope to enjoy. We finally decided not to pursue the operation and relied solely on radiation treatment to prevent the further spread of the cancer cells. On top of all this, I decided to hope on the results and effects that Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian pills can give me. Compared with other patients, I did not suffer much from the side effects of radiation.


In other words, there was no discoloration on my skin and no loss of appetite either. I could eat normally and did not need to be injected for drip-feeding. I only turned a bit pale and some change was notice in my vocal quality, which recovered naturally after the treatment. Both the doctors and nurses were astonished at my resilience. In fact, I received a larger amount of radiation (76 Gray) than all the other patients because I did enjoy the benefits of surgery and my treatment continued for 42 days. During the nearly 80 days that I stayed in the hospital, I ate every meal served without exception.


It is said that when the amount of radiation surpasses 30, many patients could no longer walk and have to rely on drip-feeding for survival. It is due to Tian Xian Liquid that I had not been similarly affected by my medical treatment.

Precious as Tian Xian Liquid is, I still felt a little ill as I began to drink it. I had to add or reduce the dosage as I found necessary in particular circumstances. Now, I take four bottles of Tian Xian Liquid per day and twelve Tian Xian pills. As the treatment began, the doctor warned me that the only thing that can cure my cancer was surgery. Of course, I never forgot his words but I still decided to believe in Tian Xian Liquid. Now, neither CT scan nor MRI examination can show anything wrong. There is no sign of metastasis and I am happy that I made the right decision so that my body will not be harmed. Although I always bear in mind all that the doctor declared, I believe more in the choice my wife and I have made. I will continue to drink Tian Xian Liquid with confidence in the future.


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