Lung Cancer

Over Self-controlling, Hence Take It Lightly

Although cancer cells have not disappeared, it shows no sign of metastasis.

Mr. Eta Yamaguchi Japan


Anyone can catch cancer but nobody knows why. In the spring of 1998, I went to the hospital to have my regular X-ray examination and to have my high blood pressure checked. A shadow showed up at my right lung. I did not feel anything abnormal and simply ignored this finding. In November 1998, the doctor suggested that I go through another examination in the hospital. The result confirmed lung cancer. An operation would have been difficult since my respiratory function was weak and the cancer was near the artery. Finally, I opted to have chemotherapy. The doctor warned me of the side effects such as loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and hair loss. I was, therefore, preparing myself for the treatments by conserving my strength.


I bought two kinds of healing foods and hid them from the doctor. During this period, my wife tried to collect all kinds of information about health foods and traditional Chinese medicine.


In the process of chemotherapy, no other side effects manifested except hair loss. When I was released from the hospital in March 1999, the tumor had been reduced but still existed. I made up my mind to totally wipe this out from my body so I seriously searched for other good medicines.



Based on past experiences, I believed that traditional Chinese medicine was the only cure for cancer because it works in a milder way than western medicine and can help improve the immune system. At that time, I found the book “Fighting with Cancer”. After reading this book carefully, I was convinced that this was the traditional Chinese medicine I needed. Thus, I drank 4 bottles of the liquid every day.


Now, I not only have a good appetite but have also put on weight. At my improvement, relatives and friends exclaim that the diagnosis of cancer must have been a mistake. The postman who delivers the Tian Xian Liquid  every month curiously asked me who among the family members is the cancer patient. He was still disbelieving after I informed him that it was I. He could not hide his astonishment.


Although cancer cells have not totally disappeared, it shows no sign of metastasis. The doctor found it necessary to continue hospital treatment. I do not seem to have the disease even though a shadow is still present in my body. I believe that this too will disappear one day. I began to collect information about other treatments and medicines when I was told I had cancer. With the deeper understanding I developed of this illness, I now have more hope that I am capable of winning over the disease. Thus, I think I will recover soon and the effects of the medicine will prolong my life. My confidence in this fact is the most important link in curing cancer.


I believe this is what I need most.


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