Malignant Lymph Tumor

Cancer Cells Disappear Quickly

I’ve continue to drink TXL and have returned to work. 

Jian Guo Deng Taipei, Taiwan


Symptoms such as headache, vomiting and shaking of body lasted for at least half a year when I went to Taipei central clinic for examination. The doctor’s diagnosis was lymphomas and I was experiencing cerebral hemorrhaging. I was immediately sent to Tai Da hospital to have an operation. At that time, the lymph cancer had spread and the doctor told the fast to my wife.


Two months after my operation, my wife told me the truth. I have always been interested in Traditional Chinese Medicines and believed that any slight disease can be cured by TCM. Therefore, I told myself to never give up.


A good friend of mine, brought Tian Xian Liquid, said to be effective against cancer, to me. I was hoping to cure cancer by TCM, so I began to drink Tian Xian Liquid without hesitation and stopped the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. In the first month, I drank six vials per day and in the following three months four vials each day.


Although cancer cells remained in my system, there were no signs of deterioration or metastasis. Besides, my blood circulation was normal and I no longer felt like a cancer patient.


Currently, I’m continue to drink Tian Xian Liquid and have returned to work. I have no trouble driving the bus and I believe that my cancer will be cured in another six months to a year.  


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