Breast Cancer

Almost Incurable

I was lucky enough to meet a kind and competent doctor...

Suree Saekor Thailand


Last month, went to the hospital for regular examination. The doctor told me everything was okay and my body was very healthy and congratulated me for passing nine years. I didn’t know what to say…once I was so shy that I delayed my state of an illness. Nine years ago, I got a 3rd stage breast cancer and the cancer cells transferred to lymph. The doctor even told me that I had only six months left. But look at me today!


A lump was found in my left breast in 1994, and I didn’t know what it was. It grew at nowhere but my breast. I was not married, and terribly shy, so I ignored it until the end of 2000. It started to hurt, so I thought about telling my family, but I didn’t know how.

Luckily, I went to Crown Prince Hospital for my piles surgery and the nurse noticed that there was a lump at my breast while she was helping me with my electrocardiogram. She told the doctor and he asked me to have section of tissue examined, and the result was breast cancer. Bad news travel fast. My nephew who was also a doctor in the same hospital got the news and told me to accept treatment immediately. But I just had piles surgery and I felt too weak to stay in the hospital.

At the beginning of 2001, my siblings took me to Siriraj after discussion. After the examination, Ratanawichitrasin, the doctor in charge asked me seriously, “this is very serious! What took you so long?”. The tumor was seven cm and too big to have surgery, but he encouraged me to arrange treatments, chemotherapy first, and surgery after the tumor narrowed.

My state of mind has reached the bottom of it. I didn’t understand why I got cancer after being a vegetarian for over ten years! And I regret for not telling my family earlier about my illness. Luckily, Dr. Adune, my doctor in charge, is a very kind doctor who encouraged me and made me confident. My big family all came and cheered me up. My siblings and relatives loved me so much that I quickly because I wanted to take good care of myself, trying not to bother them too much.

In addition, what brought me faith at that time was Tian Xian Liquid! I didn’t know Tian Xian Liquid until I had section of tissue examined at Crown Prince Hospital. After the confirmation of cancer, my nephew told me not to worry for I got help from Western medication and Tian Xian Liquid. He told me that Tian Xian Liquid is a well-known good medicine which won many prizes in many countries. Tian Xian Liquid was not sold in Thailand then, so we had to buy it in Hong Kong.

The best way to eliminate “cancer stem cell” is Tian Xian Liquid

Not before long the doctor suggested me to have chemotherapy. I could hardly take it for the first time. The second day after I got home, my nephew told me that he knew where to buy Tian Xian Liquid in Thailand, and my brother called immediately to get it for me. It arrived on the fifth day after my chemotherapy and my nephew said this was the life saving medicine while he fed me Tian Xian Liquid. What he said and did comfort me a lot and after taking Tian Xian Liquid, the side effects of chemotherapy gradually decreased and I could eat and sleep much better. Since then, I have been taking Tian Xian Liquid while I take chemotherapy, After the third chemotherapy, my nephew took a look at my wound and told me that it healed so fast that he felt it unbelievable! It was always my nephew who took care of my wound, so I thought it must have been Tian Xian Liquid. At the fourth chemotherapy, my doctor in charge checked and told me that my wound got smaller and those rotten places got whiten and formed a scab. Doctors all felt strange about cut off completely. The surgery was successful but I still had to accept twenty-five times of chemotherapy to stop cancer cell being left over. Although the treatment and recovery took a very long time, but my life remained normal and I could take care of not only myself but also my business.

Although my stupidity delayed the best chance of treatment, I was lucky to meet a kind doctor and Tian Xian Liquid that helped me through those difficulties. Nine years have passed by and my body is still very healthy, like a normal person. I want to thank my doctor in charge, Dr. Adune, family who brings me confidence and encouragement, and people who work at IRCA, Thailand Branch.

I want to tell all the women that you should self-examine your breasts as part of your life each month. If you happen to find any abnormal lump or situation at your breast, you have to arrange further examination in the hospital immediately. Don’t be shy like me who delay my state of illness to almost impossible to cure.

At last, to those who have cancer like me, just ignore the stage of your cancer; don’t mind how long you will live; as long as you treat it the right way, relax and encourage yourself a lot, and don’t feel disappointed or frustrated. You will be like me, get normal again!

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