Lung cancer

A Warrior Who Fought Against Cancer for 10 Years

Tumors of 5-10 cm were found in his lungs and surgery was ruled out.

Mr. Fukuda Yamakuchi Japan


Death Approached Once

In 1990, he had his rectum and left kidney removed. Afterwards, he was again admitted into the hospital as cancer metastasized to his pelvis near the rectum. After repeated radiation treatment, heat and anti-cancer drugs, the disease was brought under control. He went for regular check-ups and took anti-cancer drugs. At that time, we got to know Tian Xian liquid from reports. He tried drinking it from January 1996 but did not consider it seriously. In September, rumors of 5-10 cm were found in his lungs and surgery was ruled out. In such a worried state, he bought and ate all that were rumored to be effective against cancer. One year later, in April 1998, the tumors were found to have grown 2 to 5 cm larger. The doctor said that he should immediately submit himself for further anti-cancer drug treatments; otherwise, he was dying soon.


Finding himself hospitalized again, my husband resumed drinking Tian Xian liquid and at the same time, took the anti-cancer drugs. I do not know if it was due to the combined use of the two that the side effects he suffered from seemed so much milder than those suffered by other patients. Stomatitis and diarrhea were not serious. He was released from the hospital when the tumor shrunk to half its size. With his physical condition improving, my husband, who has always been credulous, heard about water soluble glucose, which was said to be particularly effective against lung cancer. He bought the said product and took it without second through and stopped drinking Tian Xian Liquid. By the end of 1998, however, he could no longer ingest his food, let along taste it.


Anti-Cancer Traditional Chinese Medicine Took Effect

In April 1999, the cancer in his pelvis recurred with a vengeance. My husband grew weaker and the tumor pierced through his small intestine and excrement was released into his urine and even into his blood. He could not eat for a month and a half and existed on drip feeding. In order for him to take in food, the doctor performed a simple operation to connect his large intestine to the small intestine. He was released from the hospital in June 1999 and began to take Tian Xian Liquid again. This time, he took it more seriously and drank 6 bottles per day and added Tian Xian pills to his regimen.


In December 1999, X-rays, blood tests and his ECHO examination showed that he was in good physical condition except for pneumonedema in his chest and signs of cancer. Another examination in January 2000 showed that although the tumor in his lungs did not change, pneumonedema was reduced and the tumor showed signs of weakening. The doctor in charge was quite satisfied and asked if I were taking some other medicine. “Yes. A traditional Chinese medicine.” The doctor felt it was unbelievable and was even dumbfounded when he heard my husband say that there were no more pains in his chest, no cough nor phlegm.


Now, despite the lowering of the tumor sign since the beginning of the year, cancer is found to have metastasized to his brain. My husband is in the hospital again for treatments. Although he has not yet won his battle against cancer, he had escaped death several times now and keeps his high spirit for fighting. We are convinced that he will ultimately recover. In good weather, I drive him to the suburbs for a walk. We even climbed to the peak of the mountain once and vowed to fight cancer together. “Cancer, keep as far away as possible!” Anyway, we are together. We have a plan to take a trip to Shan Yang upon his release from the hospital. We feel that we can still enjoy the beautiful scenery and the brilliant life ahead.


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