Colon cancer (Colorectal cancer)

A "Natural, Organic and Simple” Perfect Life

As a result, I did not lose appetite; I did not have severe hair loss.


Ms. Masuda Sachiyo Japan


I Hope I Can Recover Like My Husband Has

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in an annual medical examination. In June 2001, my stool test was positive. The final result confirmed that I had colon cancer. Ten years before, I had suffered from thyroid cancer. I was healthier than everyone else but I could not escape from this predicament.


Following doctor’s advice, I had a removal surgery as soon as I could; however, the operation failed. Due to postoperative complications, my wound had been oozing pus and I needed long-term hospitalization. I underwent a lot of struggles. Four months later, I arranged a temporary leave from the hospital and started to have chemotherapy.


My daughter was working at a pharmacy and she was worried about the side effects I had that were caused by the chemotherapy. I remembered that 9 years ago, my husband had gastric surgery for stomach cancer (Gastrectomy). His friend told him about Tian Xian Liquid and then he started to take it. He had been taking it for 3 years; incredibly he was fully cured and recovered.  His cancer did not spread, metastasize nor recur. So, I asked my daughter to search the Internet and bought Tian Xian Liquid from Hong Kong. I was looking for the same incredibly efficacy that my husband had. During a short cancer treatment over a period of 6 weeks, I insisted on taking Tian Xian Liquid. As a result, I had a normal appetite (I did not lose appetite); I did not have severe hair loss nor any other side effects. My doctor was shocked by my rapid recovery. At the end of November, everything was going well and I could leave the hospital. 


Cultivate a Variety of Interests, and Have a Full and Happy life

I regularly go back to the hospital for general check-ups. The check-ups are the same as many other patients’: blood test, ultrasound scan and endoscopy and colonoscopy examination. These are the necessary procedures. Perhaps it is a blessing! All of the test results have been normal.


Maybe I am getting to an older age which brings back a lot of unforgettable memories. Nine years ago, it was almost time for my husband to retire. We thought we could fully enjoy the retired life. When he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, it devastated my daughter and I. We did not put that huge burden on him; we lied to him, saying he had a gastric ulcer until he was fully recovered. In the end, we told him he had actually had cancer; but he said he had already known.

At first, I hated taking Tian Xian Liquid. After I’d felt its effects and power, I take it without doubt. My husband’s transformation has been huge. He can eat normally and drink a little wine; his life is normal and without problems.     


Besides flowers and karaoke, I am interested in a lot of other things but I do not have free time. My friends and I plan to visit 88 famous locations in Shikoku. Since I have this goal, I am building stronger leg muscles. I take a walk around my neighbourhood at night; but usually I practice running stairs in different places. I actually have no time to stay at home (Laughing). Of course, I also pay extreme attention to diet and emphasize these 3 keys: "natural, organic and simple". I’ve realized that my life is perfect.


I still have a lot of plans I’m waiting to accomplish. I am glad that when I was sick, I had good doctors to help me; also that I have made the right choices so that I have this great outcome today.


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