Breast cancer

A Life That Is Truly Peaceful and Healthy

I had accept the suggestion of a young relative and start taking TXL.

Madam Araki Shoko Japan, Tokyo


I Decided For Total Excision of Breast Due to Fear of Recurrence

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with hysteromyoma. Just like most women, I had to go for regular cervical check-up, as well as breast cancer screening. Six years ago a lump was detected on my left breast during a routine check-up. After further diagnosis it was confirmed to be breast cancer in the first to second stage. The tumour was about 3cm in size. Later I went to Nisseki Hospital (which has now become the Minato Sekijyūji Hospital) in Yokohama for the treatment.


The doctor explained to me that the cancer is likely to recur. Therefore instead of living a life of fear of the recurrence, he advised a breast total excision procedure as the more suitable option for me. What could I do? I accepted his suggestion for the procedure which was soon followed by hormone replacement treatment. 


I Used Chinese Herbal Medicine as Complementary Treatment, and I Felt Much Healthier Than Before

At that time, I was constantly living a life of fear and doubts. Fortunately, a younger relative strongly recommended to me the Chinese herbal medicine Tian Xian Liquid. It somehow seemed like a bet on my life to me at that time, but what could I do? Without any other option, I accepted his suggestion, and started taking Tian Xian Liquid. I was a bit reluctant at first.  Therefore I drank only a bottle a day.  But since then I have been continuously drinking it for five years.


Up till now, I still insist on drinking it every day. I have felt really comfortable and at ease over these last five years. Not only has the result of my check-up shown that everything is normal, but also the quality of my sleep, my physical body and my mental health are all normal and stable as well. And what surprises me most is that while I was quite vulnerable to any kind of cold, the common cold doesn’t cause problems any more. 


Happily Spending Time with Like-minded Companions 

Now, I am 67 years old. I have joined a choir and I sing happily every day with my choir members. I am actively improving my health too by practising Tai Ji and Qi Gong. Especially now that I can always be with friends of my own age, practising Qi Gong and singing together, as well as encouraging each other, I do really think that life as such is truly peaceful and healthy.

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